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Jul 2021

Restrictions Ease, NJ Senate Passes S3584

The NJ Attorney General commented to Paul Leodori, attorney representing the Senior Coalition of Berkeley Township, in legal action against the Governor that the merits of the lawsuit had reached his office, the highest levels of the NJ Department of Health and the Governor’s office.  Remarkably, within a week the Governor decided to roll back the restrictions that were in place providing us the latitude we needed to commence normal daily operations.
It appears that we all need to take a bow, especially our Legal Counsel, Paul Leodori, for making the push and getting us all what we needed.  Let’s not fool ourselves, the words the Attorney General spoke to Mr. Leodori, were a direct indication that our voice was heard.  
We thank the Township Mayor and Council for their support with a backing resolution that went to Trenton and thank you to the residents for signing the petitions and to the trustees that made it happen.
To add to this positive note, the Senate passed the indemnity bill for senior communities on Thursday, June 3rd and is on its way to the Governor for signature.   What remains to be seen is whether our Governor will sign it into law or place it aside for a pocket veto. An outright veto of the bill, could be costly for him in an election year.  We have taken giant steps in regaining use of our communities.
Kudos to everyone!!
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