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Sep 2015

For Brandon


By Chris Lundy 

Every child starts life completely dependent on the loved ones in his life. But what happens years later when he is still struggling with every day challenges?

Such is the case of Brandon Blair, an 18-year-old with a partial chromosome deletion. The number of people in the world with this particular condition can be counted on one hand. So, there’s no charity to help. If his diagnosis had been different, then he would have a lot of support.

Brandon needs family or helpers to assist in his every day life, from feeding him to changing him. For that, his family started a fund when he was just a baby. The most successful fundraiser has been an annual golf outing. This has provided diapers through the year, and such things as wheelchairs and medical supplies.

This year, that fund turns a corner. Since Social Security finally kicked in, and will provide for some of his needs, this will be the last year they can fundraise in this way.

“Since it’s our final golf outing, we want to make it the best ever,” his mother Marie Blair said.

The final golf outing will be held Monday, Sept. 21, at Ocean Acres Country Club, 925 Buccaneer Lane, Manahawkin. Registration begins at 11 a.m., with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. The cost is $135 per golfer, and it includes a barbecue lunch and a professionally catered buffet dinner.

Sponsorships are available. They range from $50 for a golf cart sponsor all the way up to $2,000 for the tournament sponsor. Any sponsorship of $1,000 or more includes a twosome or foursome of golf.

Even though it’s the last golf outing they can do, the fund will remain open for anyone interested in donating. Brandon’s needs haven’t changed. He will still need constant, ongoing care for the rest of his life.

There have been ups and downs over the last year. On the plus side, he continues to go to school at the Children’s Center of Monmouth County, which his family has said provided life-changing care for him.

But there are medical issues that continue. He had major surgery this summer, a six hour surgery to save his right eye. The completely detached retina went a long time before being diagnosed because he’s nonverbal, and can’t tell people what’s wrong. It is unknown at this point if his vision will ever recover.

“The doctor was worried that if anything happens to the other eye, his whole world would close down,” his father Scott Blair said.

Still in the recovery phase, his family, which includes a younger sister and a younger brother, are still waiting to see what the outcome is.

“Every time he has a medical crisis, and goes under anaesthesia, it takes him weeks and weeks to regain himself,” Marie Blair said. “His heart and his spirit is very strong and very brave. His body can’t keep up with him. He’s the bravest kid in the world.”
What: The Brandon Blair Golf Outing
When: Sept. 21
Where: Ocean Acres Country Club
Needed: Golfers and Sponsors
Contact: Harry Cupolo...(732) 606-4032