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Jan 2024

Amato, Rumpf & Myhre Pledge Steadfast Commitment to Constituent Services

BERKELEY - Members comprising the newly formed 9thLegislative District Delegation announced that providing effective constituent services will be among their top priorities as members of the State Legislature.
Senator Carmen F. Amato, Jr., Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblyman Greg Myhre are encouraging constituents to consider the new Delegation as an active resource for assistance with State-related matters including, but not limited to, property tax relief programs, veterans’ services, E-ZPass issues as well as unemployment and temporary disability cases.
“During my tenure as Mayor of Berkeley Township, I made it a priority to be accessible to my constituents,” said Senator Amato.  “This positioned me to be more effective in addressing residents’ issues and allocating the Township’s resources accordingly while always prioritizing keeping property taxes under control.  With that same approach to governance, our legislative delegation will welcome feedback from those we have the privilege of representing, which includes being responsive to requests for assistance with State programs and services.” 
Assemblyman Rumpf went on to add: “The 9th Legislative District has historically been home to large numbers of seniors and veterans who, collectively, are enrolled in various State programs and in certain cases require consistent access to State-offered services. 
For these individuals as well as all of our constituents, we fully intend to work to resolve issues that our constituents have encountered that involve State agencies whether it be the New Jersey Division of Taxation, E-ZPass, or the New Jersey Department of Labor.   Issues related to the relatively newly established ANCHOR Program have only underscored the need for State legislators to have effective constituent services, especially where tax relief is concerned.”
“We want to emphasize that our Delegation welcomes feedback from constituents wanting to voice their opinions on specific legislation or State policies,” said Assemblyman Myhre.  “To be effective, our respective voting records must accurately reflect the views held by our constituents.  For too long, residents in our area of the state have felt that the controlling interests in Trenton do not share their priorities or principles in how to govern fairly, sensibly and transparently.  High taxes and a rigged school funding formula are two prime examples of government mismanagement which infuriate residents of the Garden State.  In working to reform these failed policies, we will start with being a receptive and responsive Delegation that actively engages with our constituents.  This will be consistent with the overall approach that I and my 9th district colleges have taken in our respective tenures in public service to promote good government that embraces common sense policy making.”
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District Phone: 609-693-6700