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Sep 2015



The Wrinkle Revue/ Silver Ridge Park West

Betty Giacobbe Trotman


Several years after moving to Silver Ridge Park West, I became acquainted with a new neighbor.  She spoke of her son, now living in California, who remembered me when I was choreographing plays for the Board of Education in Toms River.  Her son was well known as a leading man – very talented in musical comedy, and seeking a career on the west coast.


She asked me to join the Recreation Committee, suggesting that some entertainment projects could be started.  The Board gave me the OK to start recruiting a cast, if I could find anyone interested.  I started with a handful of ladies, all of whom loved having fun, but never dreamed of being on a stage.


We started with small steps, a lot of laughs and eventually recruited a few more women, and men, to take on small parts.  These women are now known as the WRINKLE REVUE Performers, and we have enough men in the cast to partner with each one.  These resident performers are the hardest working, most enthusiastic, dedicated people I have ever worked with. There are no ego problems, lots of humility, and complete eagerness to learn, laugh and do.


After our very first show, a gentleman came up to me and said:  “Thank you for giving my Mom and Dad a new life.”  This was four (4) years and six (6) shows ago.  Today, it’s hard to believe how far they have come, how much they have learned, and how good and entertaining they really are.


I believe the Lord has blessed them with a very special gift, and they share it with everyone.  Our Wrinkle Revue has also welcomed in some professional, and semi-professional singers that we have met along the way.  Indeed, we are very blessed.  Although we have been met with illness and death, our show must go on, as was evident at the two (2) sold-out shows this past  July 25-26.