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Nov 2018

President's Message - November 2018

Well, the best time of the year is coming...Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday. It is a time when the family gets together for the entire day. It is also a time when the leaves all turn to a beautiful color, the weather is brisk and I get to wear a jacket with more pockets. So, I want to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving.
We had our homeowners meeting and a few things were mentioned, so the board will discuss this and hopefully resolve any and all problems. One of the problems was about groundhogs, so I looked it up in Google, and one of the things is to pour ammonia down the tunnel, there are also 12 other ways to get rid of them.
Look up the rest on Google. One more thing, and this is a warning, there are people walking around our neighborhood telling homeowners that their roof needs repair. Do not believe them, they are not allowed to solicit any work in our community and they are not licensed contractors.
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday!
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