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Nov 2018

Homeowners Meeting - September 20, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Tony Orsano follow by the Pledge of Allegiance. The invocation was given by Pete Smith. Roll call: Tony Orsano, Andy Morrisroe, Betty O'Brien, Joe Buttros, Dave Kirsh, Dave Scarpa and Diana Dillon were all presentMinutes of the previous meeting for June 2018 Homeowners was read and accepted.
Tony introduced Eileen Sibert from the First Aid Aux. and Tony Pappagallo from the First Aid Squad.
Eileen Sibert: Said that the Aux. has been in existance since 1986 and had 300 members at one time. No
meeting July and Aug. It raises funds for the Squad by running different functions thru the year like Bunco
which is on October 21st at the North Clubhouse. We are also looking for new members.
Tony Pappagallo: New members who join the squad are usually apprehensive about making the commitment
since most have no experience in the medical field. We have people who become officers and then we have
some who ride. It's your choice how much you want to get involved. And you also choose your own schedule.
We operate on the generous donations and money earned from the clothing bins in the North clubhouse.
Thank you for the contributions to the First Aid Squad.
It's because of you that we are able to continue serving the communities. And please consider joining we could use more volunteers.
Trustee Reports:
Joe Buttross: Went to the Coalition and they had 2 speakers 1 from Ocean Ride and a Police Officer. Ocean
Ride does many things and will even take you for a hair appt. The ride cost $3.00 each way. Veterans ride free. The Police Officer said basically “if you see something say something” no matter how trivial it may be. Do Not call 911, call the police department number directly.
Betty O'Brien: Treasurers report for August
TD Operating Acct: $83,741.54
TD Reserve for Cap.Repl: $186,932.30
TD Reserve for Cap. Impr. $74,788.89
Total of Cap. ReserveAcct. $261,721.19
Petty Cash: $242.42
Total Checking & Savings: $345,705.15
Total Assets: $346,282.21
Dave Scarpa: Architectural Committee
He says he is fortunate it to have Tom Wychoff, who is an Engineer and Dom Martucci and John Goff as a
On the Pool: It will be closing Sept. 24th.
Diana Dillon: As some of you may have noticed that the big bushes on the Sheepshead side of the building are gone and replaced with 28 new plants. Some are dwarf and some will have to be maintained every year. What we did find out thru possess of eliminations is that the well is not working. They believe there may be a hole in the well. We are not going for a new well at the cost of 3 or 4 thousand dollars. We are using soaker hoses around the bushes until they are established I was impressed with Ocean Ride and all they do for the communities. I have called them up for some pamphlets to put in the lobby.
The new dues sheet will be in the October S/P for the calendar year 2019.
Andy Morrisroe: Financial Secretary
Out of 659 homes 24 have a balance. That could be as little as $15. 6 homes account for 67% of money owed.
Dave Kirch: Common Grounds: 
L&L have worked on 13 job sites. Removed some dead trees on Westbrook Dr. due to Pine Beetles also removed trees near the transformer. Hopefully JC Smith and L&L will be finished by the end of the month. A question was asked if we took care of trees on private property. Answer was No.
Sandra Schmedes: Caldwell Dr:
Can we remove dead branches from the common ground or do we have to call someone. Ans: yes and bring them to the curb. Sandra also asked if we could plant anything in the common ground. The answer is no.
Kathy from Caldwell Dr: Asked if we could have a tree removed from her common grounds? Problem is that area is a Widelife Preserve. We can't touch it. Only if the tree is a danger of falling on the house are we
allowed to remove it.
Pat DeVito: Caldwell Dr. There was a lengthy discussion between Pat DeVito & Dave Kirch on who owns the property behind Caldwell Dr. Pat said that he spoke to a Mr. Rapp and he said that we owned the land behind Caldwell Dr. Then Dave read 2 letters from Mr Doss stating that this area must be left in it's natural state. The 2nd letter was from the state's EPA that the association can only remove a tree that is a hazard to residents home.
John Goff: Whitaker Dr. There are two different lands. The area on Zeeland Dr. that is Mr Rapp's and that is
state land. The one on Caldwell Dr. that belongs to the EPA. If you wanted to take a tree down that was not a
hazard, you would take a picture of it and send it to the EPA office. They do not allow you to go in there for any reason. That association has deep pockets so be careful what you take down.
Tony and Dave will go to the EPA office on Hooper Ave. and try and get more information and will get back
to you at the next Homeowners meeting. 
Real Estate: 8 homes for sale, waiting for 2 checks @500. each. As of July1, 11 homes sold. 
Joe Buttros; VFW is looking for new members. You will receive a $25. gift card for joining.
Joan Buklarewicz: Whitaker Dr.: Gave a letter of resignation at the September's homeowners meeting.
Tony apologized that he left it home.
Joan asked for someone to take over the Real Estate position. Sold 307 homes in the past 7 years. She
mentioned that John was the brains behind the job. Tony asked if anyone was interested in the position to
please call him.
Club reports:
De Buchanan Westbrook Dr. for Entertainment Committee: Oct. 12th they are having a painting party
and will be painting a vase. Cost $20. bring your own drinks and snacks.
Marge Damato Cortlandt Dr. for the Women's Club: Had our welcome back meeting and we played charades
and thanked De Buchanan for coordinating it.
At our October meeting we will be collecting $15. for the luncheon at Charlie's on November 14th which was
originally scheduled for November 7th At our December meeting we will have a yankee gift exchange more information will be in the Sign Post.
Bobbi Starkey: Sheepshead Dr. Bobbi wished the Board good luck in the coming year. Thanked the pool monitors. We could not have done it with out you. Thank you for the new monitors this year. Please consider becoming a pool monitor, its 2 hrs, 1 day a week.
Jukebox will be sponsoring New Years Eve again. Additional information when we have it will be posted
in the lobby and in the Sign Post. Also Jukebox presented the First Aid Squad with a check for $500.
Tony Orsano: for the Men's Club December 13th the Men's Club will be having the Christmas Dinner dance at the Clarion. More information will be in the Sign Post.
Open to Residents:
Debby Molinaro: Cortlandt Dr.: Asked about the Budget Committee. Tony said we have 6 people and Dom Martucci is chair. Debby: Please let everyone know that John resigned from the Board and Joan also has resigned and will stay on until a replacement is found.
New Business:
Welcomed 2 new residents: Sandy Schmede on Caldwell Dr. and David and Jean Donnelly on Sheepshead. Sang Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all those who are celebrating this month.
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