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Dec 2018

Homeowners Meeting - October 18, 2018

Homeowners meeting was called to order by Tony Orsano, followed by the salute to the Flag. John Domanski said the invocation.
Roll call: Tony Orsano, Andy Morrisroe, Betty O'Brien, Dave Kirch, Dave Scarpa and Diana Dillon were all in attendance.
Minutes for Sept. 20th homeowners meeting were read and accepted.
Tony Orsano: Thanked the Board and all the volunteers for the great job that they do. Read the resignation letter from Joan Buklarewicz. In the time Joan and John were doing Real Estate 307 homes sold and we received $153,000 from the sale of these homes. Tony introduced the new Real Estates coordinators Larry and Barbara Henbest, Larry was also the tax assessor for Toms River. We have a new bocce coordinator for Monday nite. Her name is Jane Seager.
Real Estate: 13 homes sold since July 1st at $500 each.
We have 9 homes for sale.
Betty O'Brien: Treasurers report:
TD Operating acct.: $52,258.99
TO Reserve for Cap. Replacement: $188,696.22
TO Reserve for Cap. Impr: $77,420.40
TD Capital reserve Acct: $266,116.62
Petty Cash: $367.42
Total for Checking & Savings: $318,743.03
Total Assests: $317,316.09
Total Income: $18,928.01
Total Operating Expenses: $32,974.13
Net Income: -$18,178.54
Joe Buttros: Went to the Coalition meeting on Oct. 5th Not much as was said on Comcast and Fios. Main discussion was on Neighborhood Watch. Remember to call the Police Dept not 911 if you see something out of the ordinary.
Dave Scarpa: Comcast or Fios doesn't look promising. 
Architectural: Please don't do any work until you get the approval. That can take up to 60 days.
Andy Morrisroe: Financial Secretary: We have 22 homes that have not paid their dues as of now.
Diana Dillon: Called Hedinger roofing to come and repair the roof from the raccoon. If I don't hear from him by tomorrow I will call again.
Dave Kirch: Thanked Tony Rossi and Jim Schgusta for their help. I am learning alot as we go along. Caldwell Dr. common grounds are split 50/50 between us and the North. We cannot take any trees down in there. The only time we can remove a tree is if it is a danger of falling on a house.
Open to the Residents:
MJ D'ustachio: Whitmore Dr. For Swan. If you need a ride for a medical appt., please call the number on the front cover of the Sign Post. With the Snow Birds leaving soon I could use more help. Either driving or sitting for 2 hours 1 day a week. Please give it some thought.
Bobbi Starkey: Sheepshead Dr. Jukebox is having a Halloween dance on Oct. 26th and we have prizes for the best custumes. Also Jukebox is sponsoring New Years Eve. Limited to 125 people. Look in the Sign Post for more information.
Tony Orsano: For Away We Go: Running a trip to a play on January 9th and lunch will be at Carmines.
Andy Morrisroe: Just received a check for $500 from VFW for the First Aid Squad. Thank you!
Tom Bickerton: Sheepshead Dr. Made a suggestion to put in the Sign Post that people with low hanging tree branches at the edge of their property to please cut them down. It makes it very difficult to walk on the sidewalk. Also asked for a changing table to be put in the restroom. He would like to donate a ping pong table to the clubhouse. Please let him know if we are interested.
Helen Andrea: Beaverbrook Dr: Has a groundhog under her shed. Would like to know if anyone has a trap or any way to get rid of it.
Debby Molinaro: Cortlandt Dr. Would like to know why the minutes are not being posted before the next meeting so people can look at them?
Diana Dillon: Whenever I was Secretary for the board I never posted the minutes until they were approved. We were on the board at the same time and it was never an issue until now. If you remember last January, you were President, I asked at a Homeowners meeting for the minutes to be put in the Sign Post. Your answer was no! So why are you so concerned about the 10 people that may read the minutes posted on the bulletin board and you are not concerned about the 650 homes that may want to read the minutes in the sign post.
Betty O'Brien.: I served on the board with you for 2 years Debby and it was ever brought up once. So why now! Page 17, Section 6, of the By-Laws states that the Homeowner minutes shall be posted on the Bulletin Board, but makes no reference to posting them before the meeting. It was your choice to post them earlier as President.
A homeowner from Westbrook Dr. (didn't get her name) said it is now hunting season with bows and arrows. I am concerned for my safety because I found an arrow in my backyard. There is nothing we can do. We don't own that property. It belongs to JCPL. 
Bobbi Starkey: Sheepshead Dr. We met with JCPL representatives and the Mayor and someone from the Police Dept. They put up a barrier at the end and they placed signs from the curb saying "Private Property." That's all they did!
Marge Damato: Cortlandt Dr: If you get a chance to watch TV on Friday night, Channel 5 at 8:30 there is a great show on. You will have to wear your Depends
because of the laughter.
Meeting Closed. 62 in attendance
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