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Nov 2018

Board of Trustees Meeting - September 10, 2018

Call to Order: President Michael Pelonero called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. The meeting was held in accordance with the SRPW Governing Documents and Roberts Rules of Order, 11th Edition, and is being recorded.
Pledge of Allegiance: Was led by President Michael Pelonero.
Opening Prayer: Was led by Mary Nye.
Roll Call of Officers and Trustees: Lorraine Barbalinardo, Jack Easson, Elizabeth Wismann
and Bernie Ernst were excused; Section 3 is vacant. All other Officers and Trustees were present.
Correspondence: We received a request for a donation from the Ocean County Sheriff PBA Local #379. A motion was made by Joe McCurnin to donate $50 to the Ocean County Sheriff PBA Local #379 and seconded by Harry Walker. All were in favor; $50 will be donated to Ocean County Sheriff PBA Local #379. We also received another anonymous letter but we don’t react to anonymous letters; anyone who sends a letter should be signing their name and address to any letter that is sent to us.
Minutes of Preceding Meeting: August 13, 2018 Board of Trustee Meeting minutes: Requested a motion to approve the August 13, 2018 Board of Trustee Meeting minutes as presented. Motion was made by Rosemary Bahooshian to accept the minutes as presented and seconded by Mary Nye. All were in favor; motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: August, 2018 Monthly Cash Disbursements/Cash Receipts Report was read by Lorraine Romero. A bill for our transportation service is not included in this report as we never received a statement for August until September so we might see a double charge next month. Our lawn cutting service contract has been turned over to our attorney. The last cutting will be in October. We have contacted other associations in the coalition regarding their grass cutting service and whether they are satisfied with them or not. We have no problem with breaking our contract and looking for a new service. There being no questions, the Treasurer’s Report will be filed in the library and printed in next month’s Sentinel.
Trustee Reports:
Section 2: Joe reported that everything is okay.
Section 4: Jim Egan is looking at two things in his section but eleven homes have turned in their HOPA forms.
Section 5: Harry had a call from Salisbury Court about grass cutting on common ground behind a home that has since been resolved. Another issue on Salisbury is a cement block of the sidewalk broken in half and a tree root has grown between it creating a dangerous situation. On Westbrook, there was a problem with gushing water coming out of a house and a bathroom window appeared to be open; Harry shut the outside faucet off and closed the screen on the window and notified the homeowner, which he was thankful for. The homeowner on Salisbury will be notified that the sidewalk is private property and that it is his responsibility.
Section 6: Carol received a call about a dog doing his business in a particular yard and told
the homeowner that she would have to call Animal Control. Another concern is a sidewalk on the Northumberland side of Cobham Court going towards Martinique that needs to be looked at.
Section 7: All quiet.
Section 8: Lore had two complaints about grass on common ground in the back of Westbrook up towards Rutland.
Section 9: Nothing.
Committee Reports:
Architectural Control: Mike signed off on two driveways to be expanded, one for a slight addition in the back of a den and the plans for 6 Down Court rebuilding that were forwarded to the town. Once the town gives approval, they hope to start the rebuilding. Architectural Control must be contacted if anything outside the home is to be altered or added.
By-Laws: The attorney returned our final draft of the revised Covenants and Restrictions and
By-laws. Mike added that the revisions will be reviewed by the Officers and By-Law Committee, and after they are satisfied with the changes, will be distributed to the trustees for their reading pleasure and comments/suggestions. Once that is done, we need to distribute to homeowners and have these changes go out for a vote to our community.
Codes: Nothing new.
Common Grounds and Forestry: If you want a fire pit, you must notify the office; the State Fire Prevention and Wildlife Commission must be notified and approve it before you can light a fire.
Recreation: Joe reported that there will be a dance on October 6th with Wild Rose, $15/pp, dessert and coffee. The Volunteer Party is scheduled for Sunday, October 21st, at The Clarion. Working on a comedy show for November and Carol Scherm will be working on a Poker Tournament to be held on November 10th. The Association Holiday Party is scheduled for December 9th. Will also be working on New Year’s Eve party. There is a Mah Jongg Tournament scheduled for September 26, breakfast and lunch will be served, $25/pp –
we have about 86 signed up already Barbara Alli reported.
Unfinished Business: Painting of the Clubhouse upper level meeting room is scheduled for the week of October 22; the upper level will be closed. Any activities normally held upstairs will either be canceled or held in the lower level. Window treatments will be installed once the painting is completed.
New Business: None.
Articles for the Sentinel are due Friday, September 14.
Volunteer luncheon is scheduled for October 21st at The Clarion.
HOPA forms are still being collected by the office – if you haven’t already completed a form this year, please forward your completed form along with proof of age to the office.
Homeowners are urged to sign up for Robo calls to receive important messages from the Clubhouse; sign-up forms are in the Sentinel. Presently, we have 53 people signed up; we keep adding one or two each month.
Flu and pneumonia shots will be administered by the Toms River Health Department at the
Clubhouse on Friday, October 26, 2018, between 10 AM and 12 Noon. Joanne Matina reminded everyone that the number of shots administered each year has been declining and they will not continue with this convenience for us if the number of people coming out keeps getting less and less. Last year we had 86 shots administered; they are looking for a minimum of 100.
Mike reminded everyone that we still are in need of volunteers and asked that anyone interested to contact the office. We still are in need of couriers to help deliver The Sentinel every month.
Good & Welfare:
A resident commented about parking of vehicles on our common property and people outside of our community walking their dogs there. Mike asked that he be called when there is parking on common grounds; in the past they have spoken with our neighbors in the Berkeley community regarding this. The police can be called when this occurs.
Another resident had a question about sidewalks being replaced because of issues with trees. Mike replied that sidewalks in front of your home are the responsibility of the homeowner. If anyone sees a problem with sidewalks on common property, they should call the office.
President Pelonero requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim Egan made a motion to adjourn; Harry Walker seconded the motion. All in favor; motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Palacios
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