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Sep 2018

Board of Trustees Meeting - July 9, 2018

Call to Order: President Michael Pelonero called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. The meeting was held in accordance with the SRPW Governing Documents and Roberts Rules of Order, 11th Edition, and is being recorded.
Pledge of Allegiance: Was led by President Michael Pelonero.
Opening Prayer: Was led by Jack Easson.
Roll Call of Officers and Trustees: Lorraine Barbalinardo, Lore Hultz and Bernie Ernst were excused; Section 3 is vacant. All other Officers and Trustees were present.
Oath of Office: President Michael Pelonero administered the oath of office to Carol Scherm, who was re-elected as Section 6 Trustee.
Correspondence: None.
Minutes of Preceding Meeting: June 1, 2018 Reorganization Meeting minutes: Requested a motion to approve the June 1, 2018 Reorganization meeting minutes as presented. Motion was made by Jim Egan to accept the minutes as presented and seconded by Joe McCurnin. All were in favor; motion carried.
June 11, 2018 Board of Trustee Meeting minutes: Requested a motion to approve the June 11, 2018 Board of Trustee Meeting minutes as corrected. Motion was made by Jim Egan to accept the minutes as presented and seconded by Harry Walker. All were in favor; motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: June, 2018 Monthly Cash Disbursements/Cash Receipts Report was read by Lorraine Romero. Joe McCurnin had a question about the Recreation amount of $42.91; this represents 3 benches that were repaired. One bench, in the back of the Clubhouse, should be charged to Recreation and the others repaired in the community to Clubhouse expenses. One bill was received for this but the correction will be made. Mary Nye had a question about the $9,602.64 for Grounds Maintenance; Lorraine Romero explained this amount represents charges still being paid for tree expenses from the storm. We are spreading those bills out and will continue to see them again. There being no other questions, the Treasurer’s Report will be filed in the library and printed in next month’s Sentinel.
Mike was just informed tonight that Lorraine Barbalinardo had an accident at her home and is now hospitalized 
Trustee Reports:
Section 2: Joe reported that everything is quiet.
Section 4: Jim Egan had a call about the mess on Westbrook Drive and they were told to call the township. Mike stated that this was a renter who left and failed to notify the owner. The big stuff is gone and hopefully, the garbage that remains there will be picked up this week.
Section 5: Harry had a slight parking problem that has been resolved. He also received a few calls about when garbage was the week that included July 4; it was Saturday and was on the schedule that the town provides to us.
Section 6: Carol had nothing to report.
Section 7: Mary received calls about something off of Northumberland that smelled horrible;
arrangements were made and this disgusting smelly thing was disposed of. Another call was received this afternoon about a car being parked on the stones on the front of a home on Northumberland.
Section 9: Rosemary stated that she received the same call as Mary about the car parked on the front stones on Northumberland and it will be taken care of.
Section 10: Had calls about high grass on Langley Road and Westbrook Drive. Some refuse from a home on Whitmore has been taken care of. There is another issue with someone doing work on Langley Road that Berkeley Twps. Codes were notified about. Also, there is a tree that needs to be looked at on Westbrook to determine if it is on the homeowner’s property or common ground.
Section 11: Had several calls about cars parked and hanging over the driveway. Also received a
call about a jet ski parked in a driveway.
Committee Reports:
Architectural Control: Mike reported that John received several calls for solar panels to be installed. Architectural Control must be contacted if anything outside the home is to be altered or added. 
By-Laws: Barbara Alli had nothing to report as we are still waiting to receive the revised Covenants and Restrictions and By-laws from the attorney. Mike added that the revisions will be reviewed by the Officers and By-Law Committee, and after they are satisfied with the changes, will be distributed to the trustees for their reading pleasure and comments/suggestions. Once that is done, we need to distribute to homeowners and have these changes go out for a vote to our community.
Codes: We have a new homeowner, Larry Pedana, who has volunteered for Codes. There is no report.
Common Grounds and Forestry: We are still getting calls about tree damage from the storm months ago. We also discovered that some landscapers are depositing branches and limbs on the common property, neatly piled up, that we get calls about. If someone sees someone putting branches, limbs, etc. on the common ground, landscapers or homeowners, give us a call about this happening.
Recreation: Joe reported that there will be a dance on October 13th with Wild Rose, $15/pp, dessert and coffee. Working on a comedy show for November and Carol Scherm will be working on a Poker Tournament again. Will also be working on New Year’s Eve party. There is a Mah Jongg Tournament scheduled for September 26, breakfast and lunch will be served, $25/pp – we have about 86 signed up already Barbara Alli reported.
Unfinished Business: $470 was the amount of monies we received from Wrinkle Review ticket sales which was supposed to be donated to hurricane relief but we wanted to be sure this would go to aid the victims instead of someone’s salary. Lorraine Romero contacted Mary Murphy with WPIX Channel 11 and she gave her a contact for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico that has an identification number. Mike indicated that we would like to donate $100 to Barbara Gannon for the Food Bank in our community. A motion to donate $100 to our Food Bank was made by Joe McCurnin and seconded by Jim Egan. Mary Nye then recommended $170 instead be given to the Food Bank; the motion was amended and seconded by the same gentlemen to donate $170 to the SRPW Food Bank. All were in favor; motion carried. Mike then asked for a motion to donate the remaining $300 to the Maria Fund (what this aid for Puerto Rico is called). Rosemary Bahooshian made a motion to donate $300 to the Maria Fund; Mary Nye and Elizabeth Wisman seconded the motion. All were in favor; motion carried.
New Business: None. We will be looking at working on getting the interior of our clubhouse updated. We need to get a package together for this to determine actual costs before we can act on it. Since we have the top section of the parking lot done, we can obtain estimates for painting, new furniture, and window treatments. An interior designer actually came in and made her suggestions. More on this next month. 
Articles for the Sentinel are due Friday, July 13. If articles are not received by that date, they will not be included in the Sentinel until the following month.
Parking lot paving, upper section only, the ramp and sidewalks are now completed. It seems that many people thought both sections of the entire parking was being done. Mike added that whenever the parking lot was discussed it was only the upper half that was being done. 
HOPA forms still need to be completed – blank forms can be found in the Sentinel – and are due every two years. As of June 30, we only received 279 forms completed out of 1145 homes, which is about 25% of homeowners. If an audit should be done by HUD and we fail, it could affect our taxes. Mike spoke about the importance of getting these forms completed every two years; this could affect our designation with HUD. Perhaps trustees will have to contact those homeowners who haven’t completed these forms 
Homeowners are urged to sign up for Robo calls to receive important messages from the Clubhouse; sign-up forms are in the Sentinel. Presently, we have 53 people signed up; we keep adding one or two each month.
Flu and pneumonia shots will be administered by the Toms River Health Department at the Clubhouse on Friday, October 26, 2018, between 10 AM and 12 Noon. Joanne Matina reminded
everyone that the number of shots administered each year has been declining and they will not continue with this convenience for us if the number of people coming out keeps getting less and less.
Mike reminded everyone that we still are in need of volunteers and asked that anyone interested to contact the office. 
Good & Welfare: Barbara Gannon came forward and thanked the Board for the donation of $170, which is desperately needed. Thanks also to the Line Dancers for their donations and those who give her $5 or $10 to put towards the Food Bank.
Another resident requested information about the damage made to the pavement caused on Whitmore Drive up to Whitmore Court by the machinery used by those doing the paving for the town. The township engineer was to get back to him but still has not. Mike will follow up with the Mayor’s office in the morning and get back to him.
Another resident questioned whether or not we would have to pay for the cans the town is proposing to be used for garbage. First of all, this program is only for recycling at this point and containers will be provided to residents at no cost – there would be three sizes, small, medium and large, if it is implemented.
President Pelonero requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim Egan made a motion to adjourn; Joe McCurnin seconded the motion.
All in favor; motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Palacios


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