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Golf Club




Bill Otten
Our 2nd low handicap golfer, Jim Lepley shot a 79 on April 25th.
Rich Rosin holds the lead with 11 accumulative points. Runner-up with 9.5 points is Ed Mings.
Link Hollis has the lead of 3 Closet-to-Pins. Two on the 7th hole (one of which so far is the closest at 6’8”) and one on the 2nd Hole.
Kicker winners were shared three times with 3-way TIES. Al Leonardi on week two was the lone winner. He also shared on one of the TIES.
Good to see the guys are having a good time. There have been some nice scores turned in along with some not-so-nice scores which make for some interesting tales afterwards. Ha-Ha!
Our new rule, if you’re 80 or older you can tee-off from the red tees, has been helpful in that it keeps you in the game psychologically. Stan Adams can vouch for that! He went from31 to a 21 Handicap! Speaking for myself I haven’t dropped much in my Handicap (of course, as we all know there are other factors that are needed to get that tiny ball in the hole) but I do feel good about my game by getting that slight advantage on the first shot, the “Drive”.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families especially to Tom Cranmer our president who is still recuperating from shoulder surgery, etc., to Bob Stewart who recently suffered a stroke, Charlie (Tuna) Berzanski who injured his back and to Stan Adams who had a pacemaker installed. Get well soon! We miss yah!
On a Sad Note
Our deepest Sympathy to Bob Schildknecht, an “Honorary Member” and family in the passing of his wife Alice on May 2nd 2019. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Bob!
To all the Fathers,


“the Hacker’s Caddy” • Bill Otten



Bill Otten
It’s Official!
We started our 2019 Golf Season on Thursday, April 18th! As of this writing we expect to have a good crowd. Scores, stats, etc. will be forth coming in future Sentinel issues.
We welcome new members.  If interested, please feel free to call either:
Tom Cranmer @ 732-914-0840 or Bill Otten @ 732-473-0120
Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families. We’re hopeful that our President, Tom Cranmer, will make Opening Day. He’s had some medical set-backs which as of this time of writing will make that doubtful. We wish him the best! 
To all the Wonderful mom’s out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! • HAPPY GOLFING!


“the Hacker’s Caddy” Bill Otten



Bill Otten
March came in like a Lion! Let’s hope it goes out like a Lamb! Aside from the strong March winds and dipping temperatures our winter has been a mild one compared to other areas west and north of us.
The Cedar Creek management informed us that “Rules for Play” will stay in place. No changes! Senior Resident Golf Course Permits are now being renewed. We’re hopeful we can start our season on Thursday, April 18th. If so, golfers are reminded to be at the course no later than 7:30 am which will give enough time for signing in, etc.
We welcome new members.  If interested, please feel free to call either:
Tom Cranmer @ 732-914-0840 or Bill Otten @ 732-473-0120
Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families. Sorry to learn that Tom Cranmer, who had been nicely recuperating from shoulder surgery developed some other medical issues that needed immediate attention. 
We wish him the best! 
On a sad note: Stan Adams informed us that his nephew, Bill Grablauskas (Billy G) a former member, passed away. He was 75. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends.
“the Hacker’s Caddy”
Bill Otten







Bill Otten
The weather thus far has been seasonally good, with the exception of that one early snowfall and a lot of rain. We can be lucky that all the rain wasn’t snow! I hear that some of the guys on milder days have been getting in some “winter play”. That’s great! In checking with the Farmer’s Almanac, their forecast for the northeast for February and March is extreme cold temperatures and some heavy snowfalls. Hope they’re wrong for our area. 
Last year we started our season in early April which worked out real fine. This enabled us to have a long season of play. In the coming weeks, we’ll be checking with course management confirming dates, time, rules, rates, etc. We’re hopeful that the same “field of play” we had last year will apply this year.
Be reminded to renew your Senior Resident Golf Course Permit before the season begins! Anyone interested in joining our club, please feel free to call either: Tom Cranmer @ 732-914-0840 or Bill Otten @ 732-473-0120
We have a great bunch of guys that meet each Thursday morning and have a fun time golfing. Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families, especially to our President, Tom Cranmer who recently had shoulder surgery. (Ironically, two years ago, I wrote the same message. But then, Tom was undergoing therapy for his painful shoulder and was hopeful he didn’t need surgery.)
Happy Valentine’s Day! • Happy President’s Day! “the Hacker’s Caddy"




Bill Otten
From all of us “Duffers”, we wish everyone, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Best wishes for a speedy, healthy recovery to Tom Cranmer who will be under-going surgery on his shoulder this month.
Our opening season is only a few months away. Surprisingly, a number of guys have been playing winter golf right along when the weather was accommodating. Good for them!
Anyone interested in joining our club, please contact either: Tom Cranmer @ 732-914-0840 or Bill Otten @ 732-473-0120.




Bill Otten
Our official season has ended! Our last official Thursday of golf was on October 18th. The following Thursday, October 25th, we played a Best Ball/Closet-to-Pin tournament followed with our 34th Annual Awards Luncheon. At this time of writing, it’s too early to print the particulars which will appear in next month’s edition of the Sentinel.
We had a wonderful season together with a wonderful group of guys. We were fortunate this year in having some exceptional good golfers join the club. This has added strength to the competitive “Field of Play”.
The Club thanks each of us in making this a most successful year! Congratulations to ALL!
The course is undergoing some necessary ground maintenance and repairs. They’ve closed some of the tee-boxes and moved them up closer to the Lady’s tee resulting in some better scoring. (For some!) In checking the scores for October 4th, I couldn’t help noticing all the fine scores. I couldn’t play that day, so I didn’t know about the closer tee boxes until I complemented some of the golfers on their fine scores. In reply they answered, “That’s because they moved up the tee-boxes”. Can make a big difference for most!
The following week, October 11th we got hit with rain! (Our 1st rain out) Sixteen guys showed up. At the time weather looked good However, seven holes later, the skies opened up and it poured like heck! We all came in soaked. Hot coffee awaited us (which hit the spot). Four of us stayed on and had a second breakfast at the Creek. The pork roll, egg and cheese on a roll was delicious!
(Luckily, we were able to squeeze in both Closetto-Pin).
Tom Cranmer, 2nd Hole, 4’ 2”
Bernie Chamberlain, 7th Hole, 23’ 9”
P.S. On a funny note: Stan Adams was playing at his best and wanted to know if he could use that score for 7 holes towards next week’s play.
Three new members have joined our club. Hector Echavarria, Link Hollis and Open golfing will continue on Thursday during the off-season. Call one another, make your own groups, tee times, etc. As long as the weather cooperates, I’m sure they’ll be many of us out there. It can be nice that time of the year for golf!
Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families.
Remember to thank a Vet on Veteran’s Day!


(We have so much to be thankful for!)




Bill Otten

October is at our doorstop and we’re still playing golf. A decision was made to continue our official season into this month with Thursday, October 18th, being our last day. On the following Thursday, October 25th, we’ll have a Best Ball/Closest-toPin tournament followed by our Annual Awards Luncheon at the “Creek” restaurant. Should be a nice affair!

We’ve had an exciting season! As reported in previous articles, it’s been a hot one! Nevertheless, turnouts were good! For us older guys finishing all 18 holes was a struggle…ha!

During August to mid-September recorded highlights were:

Birdies: 8-16: Bill Otten, Holes 2 & 7   Rich Zorilla, Hole 4

             8-23: Al Leonardi, Hole 6       Jim Lepley, Hole 14            Rich Zorilla, Hole 4

             8-30: Jim Lepley, Hole 14       Bob Zimmerman, Hole 7

             9-6: Link Hollis, Hole 6           Jim Lepley, Hole 4              Pete Rush, Hole 4

             9-13: Jim Lepley, Hole 13       Pete Rush, Hole 17            Rich Zorilla, Hole 18



We’ve had 3 double headers of winning both the 2nd and 7th Hole on the same day.

8-16: Bill Otten (sharing part of the Kickers as well)

8-23: Andy Morrisroe (winning the whole Kickers as well…a First!)

9-13: Jim Lepley

Sam Britton still leads the field with a 3 ½”, 7th Hole on 6-28-18.


9-13: When some of us faltered with our scoring because of drizzly fog, a wet course and extra high rough, Andy Morrisroe excelled by shooting an 87, his best score this season. Congratulations, Andy!

Although Rich Zorilla regularly breaks 90, he did shine a bit by shooting a nifty 84. Also, his best score this season. Nice going, Rich!


Jim Lepley has tied Mike Katz with 3 Kickers’ wins apiece. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families.

Enjoy the Fall weather! Happy Golfing!

“The Hacker’s Caddy”

Bill Otten




Bill Otten

“Phew”, what can yah say! It’s been hot out thar but we keep plug’n along.

On July 19th we got a break in the weather (sunny in the low 80’s) when we played Spring Meadow Golf Course on one of our pre-empted days. Who would have thought to have such a gorgeous day after all that rain, humidity and heat just days before. We had 3 foursomes and 1 threesome.
Our 1st foursome: (four of the lower handicap players): Link Hollis, Jim Lepley, Pete Rush and
Rich Zorilla. The highlight of their match (and most certainly for the day) was Jim Lepley’s amazing
“Eagle” on the par 5, 11th hole. Congratulations Jim! You’ll have to cherish this one! 
The 2nd foursome: Jim Ahern, Stan Adams, Greg Adams and Sam Britton and the 3rd foursome:
Charlie Berzanski, Tom Cranmer, Frank Ryan and Bob Stewart had a match going between them. It was pretty close but the 3rd foursome won out. There seemed to be a dispute between Charlie “Tuna” Berzanski and Jim Ahern as to the validity of the score keeping. Charlie’s team claimed they won it fair and square even though he was sure Jim’s Team had “Milked” it. This raised eyebrows but in the end Jim’s team reluctantly paid up. All in a day’s fun! The rest of us sat back and laughed!
I was in the last group, the threesome with Jim Clayton and Hector Echavarria. We had a great time! Hector is one of our newcomers. A pleasure playing with him! He’s always smiling even when he’s had a bad shot. Jim (Mister Steady) Clayton is always on the mark! Jim is never too serious about the game. We kid each other a lot and have a good time.
There are 5 par 3’s on this course. A “Kitty” was collected for Closest-to-Pins. 
Jim Ahern, Jim Clayton, Peter Rush each won one. Greg Adams won two!
Congratulations guys!
July 26th: We’re back on home-ground, Cedar Creek! Weather Forecast was for scattered thunderstorms, hot and humid. Thunderstorms never came but the heat and humidity did. The course was not at its best. Lots of wet spots pretty near on every hole. (A little humor: Bob
Zimmerman who was waiting for me to hit yelled out to me, “Hurry up Bill, the cart is starting to sink! Ha-Ha”). The rough was high and wet; Greens wet and slow! In spite of all this, some guys scored well. Jim Ahern had a Birdie on the 6th hole, Link Hollis on the 4th, Jim Lepley on the 4th and Pete Rush on the 3rd.
August 2nd: Congratulations to Link Hollis for his spectacular “Eagle” on the par 5, 4th hole! Sam Britton is still leading the race for the “Holein-One” pool with his “Closest-to-Pin of 3’ 1 ½”, 7th hole on June 28th. There’s a lot more time left for someone to shoot inside that distance or better yet get a Hole-in-One. Although we haven’t seen a Hole-in-One in many years, it is possible. Stay
with it guys! You never know! Maybe Sam will top his own lead?
As of 8-2, Jim Lepley leads the field with four Closest-to-Pins. Stan Adams and Rich Zorilla are
close with three apiece.
As of 8-2, Mike Katz is the all-out leader with three Kickers’ wins. Two of which were back-to-back
single wins!
A few weeks ago, before we started out to play, Ian Poulter, an English professional golfer, paid us a visit. He’s recognizable with his golf visor and his golden spiked hair popping out from atop. At
least we thought it was him? Is it him or isn’t him? By golly, it sure looks like him? Naw, it can’t be! Low and behold as we found out quickly it was Al Leonardi with a one-piece golf visor/hat with spiked hair coming out of atop. Everyone got a big kick out of it! He still continues to wear it each week. Says it keeps his head cool because of the netted mesh that the hair is attached to. Al does shoot a nice game. Maybe the new look keeps his head down?
Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families.
By the end of this month, summer will officially be over and you can be sure that in due time the cooler weather will set in and then what? We’ll be wearing mittens!
Happy Golfing!
“The Hacker’s Caddy”





Bill Otten
Golf keeps puttering along in spite of the heat wave we had at the end of June into the first week of July. Hopefully, by the reading of this it will have cooled off.
Twenty-three guys showed up for Thursday’s golf on July 5th. It was a hot one!
Three new members have joined our club. Hector Echavarria, Link Hollis and Don Roksvaag. Welcome aboard fellas! Link Hollis is an excellent golfer. He presently holds the lowest handicap. On June 21st he shot a 71. Our lowest game in many a year! He’s a welcomed addition to our club making our team play a bit more competitive.
Closest-to-Pin competition has been getting exciting. Charlie “Tuna” Berzanski was holding the lead at 3’ 2” on the 7th hole. On June 28th Sam Britton overtook the lead at 3’ 1 ½” on the 7th hole. That same day, Ed Mings had a 3’ 7 ½” on the 2nd hole and on July 5th, Al Leonardi came in with a 3’ 2” on the 7th hole. Getting within those measurements will be pretty hard. However, there’s still enough room for someone to nudge in. It’s been done before! (Like maybe a Hole-in-One which will cancel out everything.)
There has been some fine scoring being recorded. Along with that fine scoring are the not so frequent “Birdies” and the more frequent “Pars” that are the necessary ingredients for a fine score. Congratulations to all who fit the bill.
Accumulated Team and Flight points can fluctuate from week to week. As of July 5th Bob Zimmerman is in the lead with 17 points. What is odd, there’s
only one golfer and a good golfer at that, who has 0 points. Unlikely that this will hold up!
We are about mid-way or better through our golf season. We expect there’ll be a couple more preempted tournament days where we’ll have to play another course or whatever. For these days that we missed, hopefully, Cedar Creek Course will give us credit by extending our season.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families.


Have a nice Summer! Keep Cool!
“The Hacker’s Caddy”
Bill Otten




Bill Otten
We’re rolling right along with only one rain-out thus far. Four guys did show but were not able to play. We’ve been pre-empted twice due to tournament play. The course management group that now manages Cedar Creek Golf Course also manages Spring Meadow Golf Course in Farmingdale. Cordially they arranged tee-times for us to play there. The only downside is that our season’s league play with teams, points and stats doesn’t count. The good side is that it gave us a chance to play another course. Spring Meadow is a beautiful tricky course. Entirely different! A close course with lots of tree lined fairways and a heavy rough.
The undulating greens are mostly protected with deep sand- packed bunkers. There are 5 par 3’s. All very tricky! We were lucky that the two times we’ve played there the weather was perfection. A few of the guys did well by shooting a few Birdies! All in all, I think the fellas enjoyed playing there.
Another new member was introduced, Al Leonardi. Welcome aboard Al!
Good to see Bob Stewart again after having some medical issues.
Low score is still maintained by Jim Lepley’s 82. Rich Zorilla is not too far behind with an 86.
Charlie Berzanski’s 3’2” Closest-to-Pin is still holding up. Watch our Charlie; especially those guys with the metric rulers.
Accumulated Team Competition point will keep fluctuating.
As of 5-31-18 Jim Lepley leads with 12 points
On 5-31-18, some fine Birdies were recorded: Jim Lepley on the 9th Hole
Rich Zorilla on the 1st Hole
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families.
It was sad indeed to learn that Tom Cranmer’s wife Debbie passed away. Our deepest sincere heartfelt sympathy goes out to Tom and his family. Our prayers and helping-hands are with Tom during these tiring times.
HAPPY 4th of JULY!
Have a nice Summer!
Happy Golfing!
“The Hacker’s Caddy”



Our golf season is well under way with already seven Thursdays of play; one of which was played at the Spring Meadows Golf Course. We’ve been enjoying a full complement of players with the addition of several more new members, Norman O’Connor, Pete Rush, Frank Ryan and Rich Zorilla. Welcome aboard Guys!
All below mentioned stats are as of: 5/10/18. Being at the course by 7:30 am and teeing off by
8 am has been working out rather well. The first week was a bit hectic with having to sign up new members, collect dues, run the Kicker’s and choose sides. With the help of Tom Cranmer, Jim Lepley and a few others, we made it through. Being the case, they’ve earned a steady job!
On our second game of play, April 26th, Jim Lepley shot an 82 which is still the low game. On that same day, Bob Durborow shot an 89 and Pete Rush shot an 87. The race is on! Congratulations guys!
Closest-to-Pin leader is Charlie Berzanski at 3’2” on the 7th Hole on May 10th. This becomes very
important; that if nobody gets a Hole-in-One during the season, the winner of the Hole-in-One goes to the one who has the Closest-to-Pin at season’s end. As we all know, last years’ 2’2” did not hold
Point leaders fluctuate from week-to-week, depending on if you’re on the winning teams or not.
Generally, in order to win, a team needs a highhandicap player that performs well. It helps getting
2 strokes on a par or bogie hole. Greg Adams is our leader with 9.5 points. Watch out Greg! There
are a lot guys nipping at your heels!
The Kicker’s winners have been distributed pretty evenly with the picking of numbers 72 twice, 73
and 74. Unfortunately, there are always a few guys who fall out-of-range.
Some fine Birdies were recorded by:
Charlie Berzanski, 7th Hole, on May 10th.
Tom Cranmer, 16th Hole, on May 10th.
Jim Lepley, 14th Hole, on April 26th.
Rich Zorilla, 6th Hole, on April 26th.
So far, we’ve been blessed with good golfing weather. May 3rd proved to be the hottest with
temperatures rising to the low 90s. However, there was a delightful cool wind blowing which made it tolerable.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our sick and ailing members and families. 
To all the fathers,
“The Hacker’s Caddy”
Bill Otten





Tom Cranmer (732) 914-0840


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