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Men's Club


Bill Otten
We welcomed in the New “2019” Year with the Club’s new President, Joe Mc Curnin. With the help and support of club membership we wish him well! Joe has some fresh ideas we hope will help boost the membership and moral of the club. 
Good Luck, Joe!
For our January meeting, Joe has arranged for a guest speaker who in addition to his presentation will offer us a buffet
Unfortunately, because the due time for printing Sentinel articles has been pushed up, reporting on monthly meetings will be shown in the following month’s Sentinel.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for speedy and healthy recoveries to all our ailing members and families.
Our next scheduled monthly meeting is on, Wednesday, February 13th, 12 noon, lower level of our Clubhouse.
Come join the comrade of friendship with a hot cup of coffee and some delicious donuts. New members are always welcome!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy President’s Day!
Bill Otten
We hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays! It’s a special time of the year to be with our loved ones, family and friends. Our Christmas luncheon at the Chinese Fortune Buffet went over well! As we turn over another chapter in our lives and look towards another, we hope that 2019 will bring us all good health, love, peace and happiness. We wish everyone, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Our next scheduled monthly meeting is on, Wednesday, January 12th, 9th, 12 noon, lower level of our Clubhouse. New members are always welcome!
Bill Otten
Generally, I like writing in a positive manner but for this month I’m sorry to say it’s a bit negative. Eleven members showed up for our October meeting. That’s pretty sad! Sorry to say that with that kind of attendance it’s hardly worth having a club. President, Jack Easson is stepping down at the end of the year as perhaps others will too. Hopefully, there’s a solution to keep this club intact.
The high-light of our abbreviated meeting was the eleven of us enjoying three dozen of OB-CO’S delicious donuts!
Joe McCurin has made arrangements to have a “Financial Advisor speaker at our next meeting. Should be interesting!
Our October luncheon will be at “Favorites”. Hopefully, all that agreed to come will show.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for the speedy and healthy recoveries to all our sick and ailing members and families.
Our next scheduled monthly meeting is on: Wednesday, November 14th, 12 noon, lower level of our Clubhouse. Our annual raffle of Thanksgiving turkeys will be held. New members are always welcome!
HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! Remember to thank a Vet on Veteran’s Day!
Be reminded that on Sunday, November 11th, 2018 our annual Veteran’s Day ceremony will be held at 11 am, upper level of our clubhouse. Refreshments to follow! All are welcome!
Many restaurants offer free food for military personnel and Veteran’s on this day.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We have so much to be thankful for!
Bill Otten
We had a fairly good attendance at our September meeting.
Our guest speaker was James P. Anzano, President of the Glendenning Mortgage Corporation of Toms River who spoke on “Understanding Reverse Mortgages”. Booklets on “Understanding Reverse Mortgages” were handed out so that we could follow the descriptive agenda while he and his two professional associates explained in detail the workings and possible benefits a “Reverse Mortgage” may have to some. It was very enlightening presentation! Questions and answers followed. We thank George Schumann for making the arrangements.
Coffee and OB-CO’S delicious donuts followed with an abbreviated meeting. President Jack Easson welcomed everyone back and hoped they had a nice summer with family and friends. He subsequently announced the urgency in someone coming forward and taking over the reins. Hopefully, someone will!
Joe McCurnin is contemplating a bus trip to Smithville Village sometime in October. Further details will follow.
Our September luncheon will be at the Chinese Fortune Buffet. A good choice! From past experience, it’s worked out well for everyone.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for speedy and healthy recoveries to all our sick and ailing members and families.
NOTICE: Summer Break! Our next scheduled monthly meeting will be on: Wednesday, October 10th, 12 noon, lower level of our Clubhouse. New members are always welcome! Stop by and get acquainted! HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! • HAPPY FALL!
Bill Otten
We hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Can’t say it wasn’t hot! I know the air conditioners have been running 24/7 since June. Luckily though, we’ve had some needed rain in between; unfortunately, too heavy at times.
With Labor Day upon us, it usually means the summer season is over and we can look ahead for cooler, drier weather. Hopefully, we can turn off our air conditioners and open the windows.
The August bus trip to AC’s Resorts Casino turned out well enough to break even. It’s a tough job for Jack Easson to put this all together. He deserves a big hand! Breaking even is just a shade above
going in the hole.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for healthy and speedy recoveries to all our ailing members and families.
Mark your calendar! We’ll be having a scheduled meeting this month on:
Wednesday, September 12th, 12 noon, lower level of our Clubhouse.
New members are always welcome! Stop by and get acquainted!
Bill Otten
Last month’s luncheon at Lisa’s restaurant was a little disappointing in that only a few of us showed up. Those of us that did show enjoyed a variety of delicious lunch specials.
June’s bus trip to A/C Resorts Casino worked out well. Jack Easson was able to get enough “Go’ers” to make the trip worthwhile. Jack says with each trip it’s getting more and more difficult rounding up enough people to fill a bus. In spite of this, he’s planning to run another bus trip to A/C Resorts on:
Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.
Call Jack @ 732-349-0960 for detailed information.
Our anticipated guest author-speaker for our June meeting was not able to make it. We’re hopeful that by September’s meeting he can. As expected, our June luncheon at the Chinese Fortune Buffet was well attended and enjoyed by all.
NOTICE: Summer Break! There will be NO meetings or luncheons during July or August. Our next scheduled monthly meeting will be on: Wednesday, September 12th, 12 noon, lower level of our Clubhouse.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for healthy and speedy recoveries to all our ailing members and families.
Happy Birthday America! • Happy 4th of July!
Have a nice Summer!
Bill Otten
Sometimes you have to eat your own words and this is one of those times. I don’t think that Spring will ever come, although in early May there were a couple of odd-ball 90 degree days. For the most part, the weather has been on the cooler side with lots of rainy days in between. Surprisingly, there’s been lots of beautiful blossoming especially with the dogwoods, lilacs, wisteria and azaleas. Summer is on its way to be sure!
Our May luncheon worked out well! The baked chicken and noodle salad was delicious! As usual, Joe McCurnin added his special touch! Thank you Joe!
At our May meeting, Jack Easson announced that “sign-ups” for his scheduled bus trip on June 5th to AC’s Resort Casino is not going well. He’s hoping that more people will come forth to make the trip worthwhile. Hopefully, he’ll meet his quota.
Jack was hopeful in having a guest/author/speaker at our June meeting. This author is a resident of our community and has written and published several short stories/novels/books. It should be interesting!
Jack confirmed that there were about a dozen or so that will attend the tour/presentation/lunch at Silverwoods” on Thursday, May 17th.
It was decided that our May 25th luncheon will be at Lisa’s restaurant. It’s an open menu.
The meeting mostly consisted of open informal discussions, questions and answers, etc.
In addition to our usual OB-CO’s donuts, Joe McCurnin enticed us with his tray of delicious
hot dogs, sauerkraut and beans topped off with relish, mustard, ketchup and chips. For those who could find stomach room, there were servings of creamed sheet cake as well. Thank you, Joe!
On a sad note:
We were deeply saddened by the passing of Steve Baker, a longtime member and friend. Our deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to Linda and family. He will be missed!
Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families. 
Our next scheduled meeting will be on: Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, 12pm, lower level of
our Clubhouse. Let’s try to make it a full house! It’s the last meeting before summer break!
New members are always welcome!
Happy Father’s Day!
Happy Summer!
Bill Otten
Spring has sprung, we hope! We didn’t think it would ever get here. Here and there warmer days finally did break through with blossoms beginning during the latter days of April. In some areas it’s been spectacular!
At our April meeting, Jack Easson announced that the bus trip to AC was a complete success. So much so that he’s anticipating running another trip in June. Details to follow!
The 2017 Financial Audit, conducted by Trustee’s Jim Egan and Bill Otten was read and presented. It was noted that outgoing treasurer, Harry Walker who resigned because of ill-health had done an outstanding job for all these years. We welcomed in his successor, Dennis  Malinowski.
As he’s done many times before, George Bernatt our self-made Horticulturist gave us a presentation on proper lawn and garden care. He explained how and when to apply different weed killers, fertilizers, grass seeds, soils, bulbs, plants and shrubs. We thank you George for a most informative session! The lucky winner of a Daffodil plant was Ed Wacha!
In addition to our OB-CO’s donuts, Joe McCurnin cooked up some kielbasa and sauerkraut. I’m sure everyone enjoyed that! Thank you, Joe!
Our March luncheon at the Chinese Fortune Buffet worked out well as it always does. You can pick and choose the foods in any order and any way you like best even if it’s just ice cream. Joe Hanzley can vouch for that!
Baked/Fried chicken is on the menu for April’s luncheon.
Jack Easson again announced that “Silverwoods” has invited us for a tour of their facility, a presentation and sit-down lunch on Thursday, May 17th. Response was well received with several signing up.
Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families.
Our next scheduled meeting will be on: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, 12pm, lower level of
our Clubhouse.
New members are always welcome!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Springtime!
Bill Otten
On February 2nd, Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil, Staten Island Chuck, Whiting Willy and Long Island Danny had different versions as to whether or not we’d have six more weeks of wintery weather. Hopefully, the one’s that didn’t see their shadows are right! In any event, we’ll be stuck with six more weeks of winter, regardless.
Our February luncheon at “Favorites” was not very well attended. Jack Easson was put in an embarrassing position. Fifteen or so signed up to go and only seven showed. The “Favorites” establishment went way out for us with a special table set-up, programs and a waitress. Those that were there had a great time! The waitress was exceptional; the food was delicious! Coffee, tea and soft drinks were on the house! Being a newcomer to “Favorites”, I was impressed. If you care not to bet you can just sit there, enjoy your meal and watch the races on TV. A fun way to spend a few hours!
The Super Bowl party was a success with thirty or more people in attendance. Everyone had a good time!
Jack Easson will be running an AC bus trip to the Golden Nugget on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. I understand he’s almost got a bus load, so if you want to come aboard call Jack at 732-349-0960 for details.
Joe McCurin has been busy coordinating various entertainment activities. For further details check the ads in the monthly Sentinel and the club’s bulletin board.
It’s sad but true. The Men’s club is dwindling in numbers and in participation. The people who have been holding it all together have been serving in various capacities for many years. Long past their appointed terms! The likelihood will be, if none will step forward to replace these people, the Club will no longer exist. Hopefully, this will not happen.
Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families.
Our next scheduled meeting will be on:
Wednesday, March 14th, 2018, 12pm, lower level of our Clubhouse.
New members are always welcome! Enjoy the comrade of friendship with a hot cup of coffee and some delicious fresh baked OB-CO’s donuts.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
Happy Springtime!

Our November meeting went over well with the raffling-off of our annual Thanksgiving turkeys.

At our annual Veteran’s Day ceremony, the outdoor ceremonial flag-raising was limited due to the cold icy wind. Not too cold though to sing a stanza of “God Bless America”.

A certain pride of comrade is felt when each Veteran is recognized and applauded. Something very special occurred this year. After each Veteran was recognized. Pat D’Onofrio presented each with a hand-crocheted red, white and blue blanket bundled neatly with a white silk ribbon. Pat made fourteen of these beautiful blankets. Unfortunately there were more than fourteen Veterans present. Pat took the names and addresses of those that didn’t get one and will crochet and deliver one to them. This fine lady deserves a lot of credit. Her mom and dad were both navy veterans and I suppose that’s where the inspiration comes from. Over the years, she has made many-many of these blankets, each finding their way into the arms of a thankful Veteran; wounded hospitalized serviceman and or family of a Fallen Hero. She is an exceptional person! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for the past few years, ever since she knocked on my door one day and presented me with one of her blankets. I’m extremely proud to be a recipient of one of her blankets. We will cherish it for a lifetime!

On behalf of the Men’s Club, we THANK-YOU proudly, Pat! We thank Jim Egan for presiding and for all those responsible for making this special event possible. We thank the ladies that helped with the delicious refreshments that followed.

There will be no December meeting. Instead we will be having our December luncheon on Friday, December 8th, 12pm (noon) at the China Fortune Buffet.

Our best wishes to all our ailing members and families.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, 12pm.

New members are always welcome!

On behalf of the Men’s Club, Wishing Everyone,
A Blessed Holiday Season!
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Bill Otten


Bill Otten


Jack Easson, President - (732) 349-0960
Vice President



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