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Dec 2018

Message from the President - December 2018


I want to thank everyone for attending the Homeowners Meeting on Thursday, November 8, 2018. In attendance was our Counsel Woman Judy Noonan, Township Administrator John Cameron, President from HC Heights Board - Pete Norcia along with one of his board directors – John Barone. The speaker at the meeting was the Tax Accessor Eric Zanetti and his staff who attempted to explain the recent assessments sparked by construction permits their office is addressing.

There was a series of questions brought to the floor by our members affected by these assessments. Some had tax increases of 40 to 60% and were looking for answers. Unfortunately, with all the discussion there appeared to be no rational explanation from the Tax Assessor for the selective assessments. The Board is concerned with this process and the effect on our membership. We are committed to assist these homeowners and homeowners that might be affected in the future. We have been addressing the process and possible solutions with Mayor Amato and the Council. The Mayor and Council recently passed a motion to allow our members to enter a payment plan to ease the burden of the current and past year tax bill. It is evident from our meeting the Tax Assessors office is not the place to look for assistance or relief. With all this behind us and no reasonable answers or explanations forthcoming, the Board feels it must move forward and provide direction for our members to the appropriate legal counsel for assistance.

The only disheartening issues that came up at our meeting, were brought to the floor by several of our members after the tax meeting. They indicated either the tax matter did not affect them, or the meeting was not the proper venue for this forum. Everyone who lives in this community should understand that whether or not they are currently affected by these assessments or tax increases, they will be sooner or later. They must also understand higher taxes may reduce the market for renovated homes and could eventually cause sales of homes in our community to fall off. The members of our community will feel the effects, whether new to the community or existing members. Higher taxes effect every homeowner in the community.

As for the proper venue for the discussion of taxes, after several meetings with our homeowners and a meeting at town hall, the Mayor asked if we could address this matter at each of the association homeowners meeting. The respective boards that were in attendance decided to comply. A proper venue is one that addresses the needs and concerns of the membership, whether it relates to continued complaining about one’s personal feelings or one’s interpretation of the rules or a tax issue that affects every member directly or indirectly.

To those who complain or take issue with the actions of the board, I want to set the record straight regarding one statement in particular. The taking of the minutes by the board secretary. Although the Board has a Secretary, who attends to the duties of that position very well (liens and various other issues). I have been attending Homeowner’s meetings for some time and have checked with our office and the Southwind. The Board Secretary has never taken the minutes at Homeowner’s meetings. In the past the minutes were taken, transcribed and posted to the Southwind by the following individuals Nancy Issenegger, Helen Arano and now by Doris Vilardo, all volunteers. All have done and are doing an excellent job. The Board extends its sincere thanks to those individuals for the time and effort they put in and continue to extend.

The Board would like to address the individuals who question the Board’s intentions by submitting requests, emails and letters while setting deadlines for answers or responses. There is a level of frustration when requests like these are made. Every time a request is made requiring the intervention of Legal Counsel, it is at a cost to the homeowners. The Board understands there may be questions that require legal intervention, but there are limits to the interjection by the same individuals whose sole intention appears to be the disruption of the Boards ability to act in the best interest of the community. The Board is interested in knowing if parties submitting requests and setting the deadlines, would entertain paying the legal fees involved in their respective requests. It should be noted, these actions by individuals and groups are not only disruptive to the Board but are not in the best interest of the membership. It’s sad when a few individuals speak loudly, monopolize a particular venue and often are repetitive. There is no need to grandstand whether it be at an open or Homeowner’s meeting. Simply said, if a question comes to mind – Just ask it. You can be assured the Board will respond and will continue to act in good faith, as it always has.

I’d like to end with a quote I recently heard. “Leadership is accountable to results” What I see of this Board and its accomplishments speaks for itself. This group of individuals serve without any type of compensation. Ultimately, their primary concern has been and always will be the community and its members.

The Trustees look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting.

My Best to everyone,

Mike Signorile, President

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