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Nov 2018

Homeowners Meeting - October 11, 2018

The regular meeting of the Organization/Committee Name was called to order at 2:10pm on October 11,
2018 by Michael Signorile, President.
Roll Call of Board of Trustees:
Michael Signorile, President
Vincent DeChiaro, Vice President
Peggy Mullin, Secretary
Jim Carletta, Treasurer
Vivian Benner - Absent
Gail Ziemski
Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a special thank you to all the Veterans who have
served and are currently serving and to all the first responders who actively serve our community daily.
There was a moment of silence for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our
Doris Vilardo is taking the Minutes and will be submitted to the Southwind for publication. Minutes from
the last meeting were approved and were published in the Southwind; therefore, there is no need to read
Treasurer’s Report:
The current Treasurer’s Report and the Expense Report for September are as follows:
$ 78,345.46       Expenses
$ 59,411.25       Operating Expenses
$ 350,082.35     Reserve
$409,493.60      Current Balance
Motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report. It was accepted, and a second motion was heard.
  • Speaker, John Burgoyne, who has a computer store in Toms River for the last 24 years, spoke to  Homeowners about computer scams and how to avoid them. He frequents many homes in HC to do repairs. Seniors must be vigilant to the scams. He advised to never give out any personal information,  such as social security numbers and credit card numbers over the phone. Most of these scammers are from outside the USA and it’s very difficult to get your money back. If you get a “pop up” while on the computer, DO NOT ACCEPT IT. Once your information is captured, it can be used against you. The best thing to do when this happens is just shut down the computer and reboot it. That should clear the request from your screen. If it still occurs, you can call John and he will fix your computer. Sometimes everything must be erased and reinstalled with your programs. Don’t save your passwords on the computer. This goes for the ROBO calls, too. Numbers are dialed randomly, and a number may look like it’s from your area code or the area code of a person you may know. Hang up or don’t answer an unrecognized number. Never use the word “YES” or “I AGREE” there’s a scam for that, too. Once your identity is captured, it’s very hard to get it back. Government can’t even control these calls. Scammers want your money. Do your banking on line. Government insures your bank account and if money is stolen by fraud, you can get it back. They are back by federal insurance.
Exterior Building Updates:
  • 50% of the railings have been installed. The railing on the handicapped ramp for bldg. C should be
  • installed by next Tuesday. After installation the electrician will connect the door opener at the entrance.
  • The new door in Building C is for handicapped people, caterers and musicians. The other doors are
  • Emergency Exits only and cannot be used for access. These doors will comply with ADA specifications.
  • In the future, all doors will have to be retrofitted, as well.
  • Dr. P from the Central Regional H.S. had some of the hockey team members come to HCS to spread mulch. Dr. P in his suit and tie took a leadership role and spread mulch also! Always support the school when you can. We also had other volunteers that planted the mums. Rich Bohan, Betty and Art planted 80 mums.
  • Parking lot sealing is done. Striping (relining) will be done this coming Thursday from 7am to 4pm.
  • Parking lot relining will be done half at a time. It should be completed by the afternoon as the paint dries very fast.
  • There will be new parking patterns. Handicapped parking will be curbside and no longer 20’ away from the buildings. Building A & B will be angled parking. All along the buildings will be designated for handicapped parking. There will be arrows in the parking lot to designate the flow of traffic. There will be  4 van access parking spots; 2 in back and 2 in front. Please follow lines and signs and use caution.
  • The monument has been moved from where it was dedicated. Now has greater visibility under the tree. Didn’t cost anything to move the monument as the company who moved it, did it free for the Veterans. Saved us $1,500.
  • Two new flagpoles were installed with shrubs and mums surrounding them.


Holiday City South Website:

  • Jim Carletta is now in charge of our website. The website address is:
  • It is not yet up and running but will be shortly. Some of the features are will be: A contact page with the names of the Trustees, their contact info; hours of operation; a calendar for clubs and activities; a photo gallery with event pictures. If you would like to add something, contact Jim and let him know.
  • There will be a meeting with the Club Presidents to resolve the bank account requirements.
Appreciation Luncheon:
Was again postponed. If you paid for your spouses, you will be refunded. Come down on Friday to the
ticket sales to get your money. An announcement will be made about a future date.
Dissolution of Bylaws Committee:
A letter was sent out to the Bylaws Committee concerning the dissolution of the committee. The Trustees
are responsible for the Bylaws any changes would have to be presented to the membership for approval.
The Bylaw changes that the committee prepared and provided the Trustees will be reviewed and included
in the presentation to the membership.
Emergency Contacts:
This was brought up in the last meeting. For emergencies after hours, call the Police. There is a list in
the office and the Trustees have all emergency phone numbers. Make sure you have given the office your
emergency contact information, so the list can be up to date.
We started to have workshops instead of weekly board meetings and will continue to do this going
forward. It was very productive; met for 5 hours in a closed session. The Executive Meeting will be held
on before the Homeowners Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The Homeowners Meeting will
act as the open meeting. This will allow more members to interact with the board and know what is
  1. On October 3, 2018 the Executive Meeting of the Board of Trustees agreed to increase the buy in  fees for new homeowners to $750. This does not affect present homeowners. This increase will  put us in line with the surrounding communities. Was voted on and passed unanimously.
  2. Due to the growing problems we are having with rentals. We decided to follow the other  communities and require the landlords to pay an annual fee of $250. This hopefully will make  the landlord more responsible. This will be voted on by the membership in June.
As there were no other Agenda items to add or discussed, a motion was requested to close this portion of
the meeting.
After meeting closed, questions from the floor were received.
Larry Puccio & Yvette Klebash - On Monday nights Bingo is held and we have 65 volunteers working
Bingo and thanked them. In the kitchen pizza, coffee, tea, candy chips are available for purchase. The
Holiday City South Senior Bus takes residents to various places and Bingo wrote a check for over $5500
for the bus. They encouraged people to attend Bingo. Bingo wanted to give back to the community and
donated $1,000 to the First Aid Squad. The First Aid Squad thanked them and stated they need
Along the lines of the First Aid Squad, the Trustees are pricing defibrillators. We will also try to make a
CPR course available. The squad will set this up and acknowledged it will be helpful for those in our
Barbara Parker commented how nice all the new decorations look with the mums outside the buildings.
Everything looks beautiful, including the parking lot. Secondly, she noted that the last line of the
calendar is invisible and cannot read the events. Board said this will be addressed. Lastly, asked why we
don’t rent spaces in the parking lot for trucks, campers, and other large vehicles so there would be less
recreational vehicles on the street. Some homes have 2-3 cars parked outside the house and these are
renters. She commented that Carefree rents spaces for recreational vehicles in their back-parking lot. She
was advised that car situation is a municipality item, not ours.
It was brought up that on Virgin Islands, a home removed trees and put a large brick planter there
separating 2 properties; however, the Code Committee approved it.
Also, as the Board will no longer have open Trustee Meetings and will do workshops instead, she asked if
there were other days people can meet with Trustees. She was told that the Trustees are available most of
the time. All were advised that the open meeting will be after the Trustee Meetings; however, you can set
up a date and time with the office if you want to have a personal meeting.
Rose Cumella said her question was answered about the Bylaws and the dissolution of the committee;
however, she asked when the last time Bylaws had changes. She was advised that it was in 2013 and 1
item was changed.
Linda Molinaro spoke about the Thanksgiving get together. Have done this for 13 years. It was started
for those people who do not have families and are by themselves. This is for single people or couples, no
families. Ticket sales are October 26th and the cost is $15. The Trustees back us on this to keep the costs
down. Catered by Boston Market for the last 12 years and they adjust the menu to fit all age groups.
Al Molinaro spoke about the budget and the former maintenance man’s salary and felt that he got the job
because he did work on Sylvia’s house. Felt conflict of interest. Would like to see the budget and
expenses broken out.
Elaine Stemmle advised that the Bylaws Committee was established last November. Committee work
very hard and, unfortunately, it was dissolved. She was at an open Trustee Meeting on September 25th
and asked a question concerning the Bylaws and the 7-member Board. She received and answer at that
time. Nothing was said at that time about dissolving the committee, then 5 days later she received a 4-
sentence letter advising her of the dissolution. She thinks this was disrespectful. Committee should have
been told face-to-face. Never said a word and got a letter instead. A lot of information was provided in
redlined format. Board advised they will review all material and get back to us and we would be invited
in for a meeting about the Bylaws. She heard nothing. This is not fair as we spent a lot of time and work
and then found out the committee has been dissolved. Bylaws and Covenants are permanent until the
members of the association change them by vote. When a Trustee takes an oath, they are obligated to
follow the Bylaws and Covenants.
Howie Joyce advised that people are aware that Madras Court problem was resolved. We must know
who is living in these houses. Some have more than 4 people living in a house. This is a problem.
People migrating into HC and are under age. This is an adult community. We shouldn’t have underaged
people living here. If you see something, say something. There is an anonymous number. You need to
pick up the phone and make a call. People who do not belong here should not be living here. Kenny
Anderson from the Boro is the contact person. On Davenport, there were 10 people living in a house.
Went to Code Committee and nothing done. Kenny took care of it and the people are out.
Certain Members of the audience started to speak all at once about having 7 members on the Board. They
insisted that there must be an odd number for the board to operate properly. The board responded by
advising, by having 6 seats filled the board can still operate and reflect a quorum. They responded, if
you only have 5 members of the Board, ½ of that number is 2.5 and when you add 1 to that number, you
have 3 people voting. The President does not vote. With 7 members, if you have 3-3 tie and President
breaks the tie. This is the way it was done and should be done in HCS. Certain members from the floor
continued to press the issue and stated, if there is a vacant seat, the President can make an appointment
and that person serves until the next election. Mike advised that this wasn’t done because of experience
with appointments and advised that if the membership wanted the seat filled he would call for a special
election. Mike advised the seat should be filled by the choice of the membership. Mike asked if the
membership present wanted a special election to add one more person to the board. Most people did not
want a special election and wanted someone appointed as soon as possible to fill in until next election and
that person could run again for the seat. People felt Bylaws should be followed by doing an appointment
and not making up new rules. Board is understaffed. Board advised that it is not understaffed and there
has been no tie votes to break. Board voted to move forward with an appointment. The crowd wanted to
know when this would happen. Mike advised, that against his better judgement, the board would retire
and discuss the appointment. Mike advised that the board would welcome any interest from interested
parties. Any party that displays interest in filling the vacant seat must be a member in good standing.
The board was asked when this would happen. Mike responded that it would be addressed in a timely
fashion, possibly within the next few weeks. (some of the language and insults from the floor were
removed from this print)
Today’s meeting time was printed incorrectly in the Southwind. It said 2:00 pm and should have been
7:00 pm. So as not to confuse members, we left the time at 2:00 pm. The November meeting will be held
at 7:00 pm.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:35pm by Mike Signorile
Minutes submitted by: Doris Vilardo
Approved by: Michael Signorile


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