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Dec 2018

Homeowners Meeting - November 8, 2018


Opening: The Homeowner’s meeting of the Holiday City South Corp.was called to order at 7:00 pm on November 8, 2018 by Michael Signorile, President.

Roll Call of Board of Trustees:

Michael Signorile, President

Vincent DeChiaro, Vice President

Peggy Mullin, Secretary

Jim Carletta, Treasurer

Vivian Benner

Gail Ziemski

George Mason

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a special thank you to all the Veterans who have served and are currently serving and to all the first responders who actively serve our community daily. There was a moment of silence for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom.


Doris Vilardo is taking the Minutes and will be submitted to the Southwind for publication. Minutes from the last meeting were approved and were published in the Southwind; therefore, there is no need to read them.

Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s Report was not given as the meeting was attended by the public to hear the Tax Assessor’s presentation; therefore, this confidential information was not released.

Appointed Trustee:

Our newly appointed Trustee, George Mason was again sworn in during the meeting as a matter of record. In actuality, he was sworn in on October 31, 2018 at 9:30 am.

Guests in Attendance:

Prior to the Tax Assessor’s Presentation, Mike Signorile introduced a few guests: Councilwoman, Judy Noonan, Pete Norcia, President of the Holiday City Heights Board, along with one of his Board Members, John Barone. The Vice President from Holiday City Carefree, John Marone was to attend, but was unable to make the meeting. Also, Berkeley Township’s Mayor, Carmen Amato sent his regrets as he was out of town and unable to attend the Holiday City South Homeowners Meeting, but will be at the next meeting with the Tax Assessor on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Holiday City Heights to address the concerns of the added and omitted taxes placed on residents in Holiday City.


The Berkeley Township Tax Assessor, Eric Zanetti, gave a Powerpoint Presentation regarding the recent added and omitted tax increases affecting those residents in Holiday City who purchased renovated/flipped homes in the last 2 years.

The Tax Assessor took many questions from homeowners in attendance. As this was presented in a public forum, minutes were not taken; however, they were recorded. If anyone would like to hear them, please check with the Holiday City South Office.

• Mike Signorile advised the homeowners that it was with regret that Al and Linda Molinaro resigned as coordinators for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner. The Thanksgiving Day Dinner will still take place with the assistance of the Recreation Committee and many volunteers from our community. Boston Market will still be catering the dinner. For those people who might be alone on Thanksgiving Day, come and join us for dinner. Tickets will be on sale Friday morning at the rear of the auditorium.

• The Social Club has offered to purchase a defibrillator for the Clubhouse. We are currently looking at devices. We will also be inviting the Berkeley Township First Aid Squad to our meeting to present information and instructions on CPR.

• The new railings have been completed as well as the new handicapped access door.

• The parking lot has been completed increasing the total number of spaces from 178 spaces (135 regular spaces and 43 handicapped spaces). There are 5 van accessible handicapped spaces, as well.

• Moving forward, the Board will have an open meeting after each workshop meeting. Please check the calendar in the Southwind for dates.

• Letters went out to the past Board Presidents for the first gathering of the Presidents’ Coalition. Mike Signorile looks forward to the sharing of information and ideas with them.

• The Board received a letter and email from a member requesting clarification of the ADR process. The request prompted the Board to have our Legal Counsel review our exisitng ADR Program and the methods used by other Homeowner Associations implementing their ADR Programs. Legal Counsel provided the Board with a document to review detailing the process. We will be reviewing the information provided by Counsel to ensure our current ADR process is compliant. The same member sent a second letter to the Board indicating certain decisions made without bringing matters to a vote by the membership and felt these decisions were made in violation of State law. The matters in question were the dissolution of the Bylaws Committee and the direction of the Thanksgiving Day Dinner. The fact is that the Board is not required to involve the membership in these types of decisions.

Comments and Concerns from Homeowners:

Elaine Stemmle felt there are wants and needs in life and the wants of spending $1400 for bushes is not necessary, but a need for handicapped items is a need. Submitted information in May that I thought would be valuable to homeowners, the irrevocable trust that people seemed interested in hearing about. She asked if anything has been done about this. The wants and needs of the community are important. Another item, the Bylaws Committee was dissolved, which is not secret. I prepared information that I’m going to give to Mike so he can speak to the Board about the failure of the oath of office whereby the Trustees have to abide by rules and regulations. This Board has been in effect since July 1 and are in violation of the Bylaws. There were not 7 members up until now. I have compiled a list of items that are included in the Bylaws that the Board is not following. There are 14 different articles from the Bylaws and 3 in the Covenants and the laws that have been in effect since 2017 that are not being followed. I sent Mike a memo asking for specific steps of dissolution of a committee. Regarding open meetings, it says in the law that advance notice shall be given in the date of the meeting. Open meetings must be held when the Board is going to take binding action and no secret voting. Certain matters must be discussed in a closed session; however, any binding matter shall be taken at an open meeting which this is. The meeting on October 31, 2018 when they dissolved the Bylaws Committee was a binding action and should have been voted on in front of the membership of the Association. One problem I see is that there is a whole packet on that law that has been in effect since May 2016. This was also sent to Mike. A member of the current Board ran on the basis of running on the Bylaws. That person (Gail) was asked if she voted to dissolve the Bylaws Committee. Her answer was “yes, I did”. I have been here 20 years. Things are different. I understand that. There are different activities now; no special events. I’m still waiting for something special or additional that we have not had with the present clubs running activities. I do not care about the Bylaws Committee being dissolved, but someone has to be accountable for actions taken that affect all of us.

Al & Linda Molinaro congratulated George Mason on his appointment as Trustee. He told George to take things in stride. He went on about the Thanksgiving Day Dinner. There are a lot of rumors about the dinner. We left not because we wanted to, but we were forced out. Due to a conflict with the Board of Trustees, we were forced to hand in our resignation. Met with Mike and Vince and they were trying to use another caterer instead of Boston Market. Boston Market worked well with us for many years – shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. Marianne from the Recreation Committee wanted to use another caterer, but that caterer did not want the job. We then went back to having Boston Market do the catering. We spoke to 3 Trustees and told them we did not want to be under the Recreation Committee and presented our case to the Board. We were lied to (poked his finger to Trustee, Gail when saying this). We wanted to put signs up on the doors advertising the dinner and we were told no signs; however, the Recreation Committee put up signs. A rumor came about that we are telling people to come to our Church where we are now having a Thanksgiving Day Dinner. We did not steal people. Rumors are false. People said they are not coming if Linda and I did not handle the dinner. We did this for 12 years and everyone had a good time now you take this away from us. Mike stated he placed 3 calls to Al and Linda wanting them to stay on, but it was their decision to resign as you didn’t want to fall under the umbrella of Recreation.

Lorraine Kimball made a comment that we all have to realize that the Board can make dissolutions. Tree Lighting is under the Recreation Committee and we are still getting the support of the Board, just not called Decorating Committee. Give the Board a chance and see how they can improve our committees. Decorating volunteers are supported by the Board and working well with all volunteers. My next items, who decides what goes in the Southwind Minutes? The Bylaws say that that the Minutes are to be taken by the Secretary or a Board Member. Shouldn’t the Secretary be doing this not Doris? Mike responded that after Doris types them she submits them and they are reviewed by me and Terry from the office before going into the Southwind.

Rose Curmella I would like to make a comment about Al and Linda Molinaro. They have been doing a good job all these years and why now do they have to be under the Recreation Committee. Everyone spoken to were happy. You didn’t have to change things. People were happy coming to their dinners.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm by Mike Signorile

Minutes submitted by: Doris Vilardo

Approved by: Board of Trustees

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