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Nov 2018

From the President's Desk - November 2018

The Mayor’s town hall meeting was a big success. More than 170 people were in attendance. A lot of good information was exchanged.
On another note, our bingo may need some help. Charlie has been president of bingo for twelve years and is looking for someone to take over. He is willing to work with the new person for as long as it takes until they feel secure in the job.
Bingo has been very generous to our community. In part, they have contributed the LED lighting and the new flag poles and flags in our parking lot. Over the years bingo has donated much more than half a million dollars to the betterment of HCB. The LED lighting alone has cut our electric bill significantly. The flag poles are supposed to be able to withstand winds of up to 125 MPH. Bingo has purchased chairs for both clubhouses and paid in part for the new flooring. There is so much more that bingo has paid for, and if bingo ceases to exist, it will be a big financial hit to us. It is hard to get volunteers to do anything, but we really need someone to step up to the plate now.
We will be holding board elections on Nov. 27th in clubhouse 1. Three people are up for election for the two open board seats. Be sure to come and cast your vote.
We are so lucky to have a board who is constantly working for the betterment of HCB. I see things happening in other communities, and believe me, we are so lucky.
I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with your families, and loved ones. We have much to be thankful for.
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