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Mar 2021

From the President's Desk - March 2021

People have been calling and writing with questions about what is happening at HCB. Some of the questions that have been presented to the Board of Directors are as follows. 
Solar panels: CH2 is a large building with a flat roof. Within the past couple of years, we had a new roof installed by a company that specializes in flat roofs. Because this was never done correctly in the past 50 years,  we had to have an engineer lay out the plans for the roof as well as  the curb at the top of the roof. This came to a cost of approximately $300,000.00.  This roof is GAF certified and guaranteed for 30 years. When we contacted the roofing company to address Solar Panels, we were told that if we put panels on the roof they would no longer honor the guarantee.  Therefore, the Board made the decision not to go ahead with Solar. We have since replaced all of the lighting inside and outside of Clubhouse with LED lighting, which  will be a major cost savings over the years to come.  As we progress, we will be replacing all lighting with LED.
We spent $17,000  for a stone wall leading into the Billiard Hall. It was suggested that we could have patched the cracks and painted the wall as it existed and “that would be good enough.”  First of all,  the existing wall was compromised some years ago when we had an earthquake, so there was more than a patch job necessary.  Secondly,  the stone that was purchased was not only for the walkway wall,  but  also for the upstairs wall and the wall around the entire hill area along the sidewalk. There was just not enough time before the cold weather set in to complete the work for the entire area. The remainder will be completed during the warmer months. When it is completed it will be aesthetically pleasing and more than “GOOD ENOUGH.”
Why did the roof on Clubhouse 1 have to be repaired? On Easter Weekend of 2019, we had a serious wind storm that blew the roof off of CH1. Unfortunately, CH1 also has a flat roof. Since this was an emergency, and since we had great success with the company that repaired CH 2,  we called them  to replace the roof. While they were here replacing the roof, they found that the prior roofing company never installed insulation; they merely placed the shingles directly over the plywood.  Our new company repaired that as well. This was a cost of approximately $170,000.  NOW  DONE CORRECTLY.
Sinkholes. What is the story about sinkholes in our community? When Hovnanian built Holiday City, he cut and  buried trees and shrubs as well as other biodegradable products to use as landfill. As years go by,  these products break down and create sinkholes. Over the past years, this has been happening  not only in areas of Holiday City Berkeley,  but also in some of the others as well. A few years ago, Councilwoman Judy Noonan, along with the coalition attorney, brought a lawsuit against Hovnanian to hold his firm accountable. 
I believe the time had elapsed in order to initiate that suit. 
Parking lot. What was the reason for having the parking lot repaved? Over the years, we had many sinkholes and cracks filled and repaired. The parking lot is over 50 years old and it was beyond being resealed. It needed to be refilled with stone where the sinkholes were, graded from 4 to 6 inches in some areas, then filled and paved. Two (2) sewers were also added in the back lot for drainage. Many of the sidewalks and curbs were repaired as well. This was at a cost of approximately $300,000.00. 
Trees and debris in common area. If there are trees in need of removal in the common area, it is the duty of Holiday City to see that they are removed. Only trees that are dead, damaged, or in danger to people or property, are removed. If a tree is on the homeowner’s property,  it is their responsibility to have it removed. The trees at the curb line in front of the home belong to the town and is the responsibility of the homeowner. 
Maintenance on the weekend. See the February Bulletin where it has been discussed in full.  We have security on the weekend. 
A question was asked why there were no maintenance people at work on a certain Friday in January. Our maintenance crew is tested regularly for Covid-19. On that particular Thursday afternoon, one of the crew tested positive. As such, all the workers were deemed exposed. For everyone’s protection, they were sent home and told to be tested before coming back to work.  They were able to get an instant test on Monday morning.  All tested negative and returned to work that same morning. This was done for the protection of everyone working in the building. 
Another question arose as to assessed fines. Whenever a complaint is made by a resident, we investigate the claim and if legitimate, a warning letter is sent to the violator. We give the violator a reasonable amount of time to correct the situation and if it is not rectified, a fine is issued until the violation is resolved. Some examples are:  trash around property, someone’s dog off leash, commercial vehicles in a residential driveway, etc.  I hope I’ve answered the questions in sufficient detail. Thank you for your interest in how community is managed. 
All of this information has been previously printed in the Holiday City Berkeley Bulletin as events have occurred. This is merely a reiteration.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance on operating and  managing public pools and hot tubs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Health recommends that all pool facilities review the CDC guidance to assist with making decisions prior to  opening. This information can be found on page 10.
Thank you and God Bless,
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