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Jan 2020

From the President's Desk

At our reorganization meeting on January 2nd,  Barbara Egner declined the nomination for President and I was nominated and accepted.  I would like to thank the board for their vote of confidence in me, and I hope to fulfill my duties with the best interests of Holiday City at Berkeley.
Following is a list of the directors for HCB for 2020:
PresidentJohn Mcguinness
Vice President Terry Ristaino
Secretary Barbara Benson
Treasurer Henry Reinhard
Codes Barbara Egner
Grass/Trees Mario Pettineo
Newspaper John Forsyth
I was privileged to chair my first shareholder’s meeting as President on January 8th. At that meeting, a resident brought up the fact that she thought the salaries and benefits we pay out to our Maintenance department was too high.  For one thing, our maintenance supervisor has been with us for 23 years.  His salary is reflected in his term of faithful service.  Second of all, the amount of money that the community has saved over the years, by far outweighs the salaries that the men are paid.  They have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars when clubhouse one needed to be totally renovated, and rather than call in outside contractors, our men did the work themselves.  Now, with all the work that has to be done in clubhouse two, our men will be installing the flooring, and the bathrooms, and shower rooms, saving us at least a hundred thousand dollars.  We ran some figures and just the flooring alone will save us $54,000.  
The resident suggested that we should hire a general contractor who could oversee the work and hire individual contractors to do the job.  All I have to say to that is, we would all be paying much higher maintenance fees, and nobody wants that.  We are the envy of many of the other communities who wish they had the competent maintenance crew and office staff that we are so fortunate to have.
I sincerely hope that this New Year, 2020, brings us all good health and happiness.
John Mcguinness
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